The Courtyard of Europe

The Courtyard of Europe is one of the modern monuments in the Danube region. It presents architecture from 45 countries and regions, the design and construction of which bear the names of architects Nándor Litomericzky, Peter Takács and Peter Varga.

The inner park of Zichy Palace

The inner park of Zichy Palace is connected to the new square by the Matyáš Gate. The gate itself is one of the dominant structures on the square, evoking the buildings from the reign of King Matiáš through its shape and colours. The western side of the square is bordered by Estonian, Finnish, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh buildings. There is also a building from San Marino, and Romanian, Czech and Slovak buildings. The German building is the only one that is not new, and is also the oldest building in the town. The Courtyard features a gallery of sculptures entitled “Europe”, presenting monarchs and other important historical figures

The Fortress of Komárno

The Fortress of Komárno is the largest historical monument in the town of Komárno. This unique fortification forms part of the most extensive fortress system in Central Europe, with parts in both the Slovak Republic and Hungary.

The oldest part – the Old Fortress – was built in the 16th century on the site of a medieval castle. It was expanded to include the New Fortress in the 17th century.

Sport & Relax

Komárno enjoys an extraordinary location, as it lies on the confluence of two large rivers, the area being enriched with many other river branches and canals. One of the town’s treasures is the ‘Mŕtve rameno Váhu’, a lake formed by a dead branch of the Váh river, whose unique atmosphere provides a pleasant relaxing experience for families, couples in search of romance, and all those looking to restore themselves in a natural environment.

It is the ideal location for active relaxation, and offers picnic areas, a beach volleyball court, and a grass football pitch. The surroundings feature cycling, skating and cross-country trails.

Thermal pools

The beneficial use of thermal water has been known since the time of the Romans, and it is ideal for the joints, rheumatism and female reproductive system disorders. Its beneficial effects can be enjoyed in the heart of Komárno throughout the year. A 2.5 hectare site with seven different pools is open to visitors in the summer.